Wholesale orange leaf pattern eva foam floor mat

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EVA floor mat is made of high-quality EVA material. It is an environmentally friendly material and will not have any impact on human health. This product has passed the international quality standard system certification and the environmental protection certification of environmental protection agencies. Is your better choice at present!

  • Scientific Name:: EVA Interlocking Mat
  • Function:: Non-slip, Shock absorption, Sound insulation
  • Applicable place:: Rooms, Bathrooms, Gyms, Stadiums, Kindergartens, Taekwondo Halls, Martial Arts Halls, Dance Studios, Outdoor And Other Places.
  • Certificate:: CE, EN71-1,2,3, ROHS, PACH, REACH, PROP 65
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            Eva foam interlocking mat is made of high density EVA foam which provides a soft, durable, and shock-absorbing surface for your experience when exercising or playing with your children. Plus, the EVA foam mat is grippy enough to ensure a non-slip workout surface.
            Eva foam interlocking mat With a waterproof design, our mat is easy to clean and works well in wet places like swimming pool edges. It can also be cut to fit customized workout areas.

    Product Parameter

    Product Parameter
    Product Name Brown leaf pattern eva foam floor mat
    Product Material EVA
    Product Color Red, yellow, blue, green, rice, coffee, powder, purple, orange
    Product Size 30*30 or 60* 60CM
    Product Thickness 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 2.0, 2.4CM
    Optional Pattern Leaf pattern or cross pattern
    Certificate CE, EN71-1,2,3, ROHS, PACH, REACH, PROP 65
    Custom Made Product size, color, packaging, pattern can be customized


            Picture shows several commonly used colors and patterns. If you like other colors or patterns, we can provide you with customized services!

    Detailed Images


            Conventional size of this product is divided into 30x30 cm (0.09㎡) and 60x60 cm (0.36㎡). In addition, there are other unconventional sizes such as: 40*40CM, 50*50CM, 100*100cm and so on. We can customize the size you need for you.


            Excellent selection and safety certification: Material Selection high-end EVA particle safety is guaranteed. After abroad multiple quality inspection institutions certification.
            Complete functions: Tianhui floor mat The soft material effectively avoids the generation of noise, and at the same time, it has the function of heat insulation and moisture resistance.


    High resilience, comfortable and soft
    It doesn’t hurt every time you fall
    Countless dense air bubbles absorb impact force to form a buffer to fall without pain


    Suitable for any season
    Cold protection and heat insulation change with the seasons.
    It can effectively block the moisture on the ground, it is not cold in winter and not hot in summer.


    Details make quality
    Free side strips, which can fit the wall.
    Creative splicing, improve imagination.

    Application Scenario

            Multifunctional Interlocking mat can be used in rooms, bathrooms, gyms, stadiums, kindergartens, taekwondo halls, martial arts halls, dance studios, outdoor and other places.



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