Wholesale boat type outdoor camping tent

Short Description:

Tent adopts a boat-shaped design. Compared with traditional automatic/manual tents: the arc-shaped design of the boat has a smaller wind-receiving area and increases the wind resistance of the tent. 210T PU fabric is used to improve the waterproof performance of the tent.

  • Scientific Name: boat type camping tent
  • Specification: 260*190*100cm
  • Color: Gray or customized color
  • External waterproof coefficient of tent: 2000mm (inclusive)-3000mm (inclusive)
  • Waterproof coefficient of tent bottom: 2000mm (inclusive)-3000mm (inclusive)
  • OEM: Support
  • Product Detail

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    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-0

    Product Parameter

    Product Parameter

    Name Wholesale boat type outdoor camping tent
    Model TZH-A42-2
    Colour Customizable colors
    Size 260*190*100cm
    Weight 3.1Kg
    Package Size 86cm in diameter
    Outside Tent 210T polyester fabric PU, water pressure resistance 3000mmW/R
    Bottom Tent Wear-resistant and waterproof 210D Oxford cloth PU, waterproof index 3000mm
    Strut 6.0mm fiberglass rod
    Structure Free to build and open
    Features This tent is very simple to open and store, and it is convenient to carry.
    Application It is suitable for outdoor recreation such as outdoor camping, beach recreation, and park rest.

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    Detailed Images

    Appearance Gallery
    Excellent both inside and outside. Quality Assurance.

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-1

    Large space, satisfying multi-person use
    Ship-shaped design has a wide interior space, suitable for many people to rest and play.

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-2

    Oblique side window
    Unfold and roll up, switch at will

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-3

    Double door + double window
    Free entry and exit, surround ventilation

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-4

    4 azimuth triangle vents
    After the windows and doors are closed, the ventilation is still good

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-5

    Prevent heavy rain
    Camping can withstand sudden rainstorms

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-6

    Detail display of the tent

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-7

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-9-11 Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-9-22 Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-9-33

    Application Scenario

    Suitable for many occasions
    No matter where you go, it is a mobile view room

    Camping tent tianzhihui-A42-2-xq-8


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