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Chinese manufacturer of high-quality yoga mats with competitive prices. Wholesale yoga mats made in China. Contact us now to get the latest quotation. A supplier with a relatively complete product range in the floor mat industry in China

  • Product name: Tpe Yoga Mat
  • HS Code: 9506919000
  • Products size: 183*61*0.6 (CM)
  • Product Weight: 800g±100 (G)
  • Carton size: 51*40*63 (CM)
  • Box gauge: 0.139(m³)/ 14KG
  • Packing: 12 pieces/carton(Plastic film + carton)
  • Color: Dark blue, orange, violet, grass green, dark green, red, dark purple, pink, light blue, black, Lake Blue
  • Certificate: CE,EN71-1,2,3,ROHS,PACH,REACH,PROP 65
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            For yoga mats, the most widely used yoga mats currently on the market are made of TPE and PVC. Yoga mats of these two materials have a certain audience. However, there are many benefits of yoga mats made of TPE material, and they are currently the most promising material.

    Insurmountable advantages of TPE yoga mats.
            1. Light weight: Each cushion weighs about 1200 grams, which is about 300 grams lighter than PVC foamed cushions, making it easy to carry around.
            2. Good anti-slip performance: positive and beautiful anti-slip particles after making. Even sweating during exercise, sweat dripping onto the mat, there is no need to worry about slipping, and the anti-slip effect is still excellent.
            3. Material is soft and fits well: laying on the ground is like blending with the floor without distortion.
            4. Strong resilience: Although the thickness is 6mm, the resilience is strong. Stepping on it is as comfortable as stepping on the cloud.
            5. Material is environmentally friendly: no PVC, no metal elements, no smell.
            6. Recyclable: It can be oxidized and decomposed naturally after use to avoid environmental pollution.
            7. Beautiful: surface texture is exquisite, easy to color, front and back can be dyed in different colors

    Product Parameter

    Product Parameter
    Name: TPE Yoga Mat
    Specification: 61*183cm (other specifications can be customized)
    Thickness: 6 mm
    Weight:  1150-1250g
    Packing:  color page girdle seal/OPP film/heat shrinkable film/carton/five-layer corrugated thick outer box
    Material: TPE Thermo Plastic Elastome
    Customization:  Free design of various posture lines and prints. Various colors, patterns and specifications can be quickly customized according to purchase requirements. Various embossing, silk screen, thermal printing, digital UV, laser printing and LOGO patterns can be printed on the mat.
    Certification: Product has passed 6P test and SGS international certification

    Product Color

    Grass Green + Gray
    Dark Blue + Light Blue
    Light Blue+grass Green
    Pink + Light Pink
    Dark Green + Grass Green


    Grass Green + Gray




    Dark Blue + Light Blue




    Light Blue+grass Green




    Pink + Light Pink


    Dark Green + Grass Green



    Regular size and expansion size of products.
            Regular size: 183*61*0.6 (CM)
            Another 183*80*0.6; 183*61*0.8 (CM) expansion size. If you need to customize the size, you can contact the account manager online Provide customized services.


    Positive Texture: frontal herringbone lines provide stable palm surface friction
    Back Texture: Water ripples on the back provide stable grip


    Abrasion and tear resistance


    High-density foaming allows rapid rebound without losing thickness



             Yoga mat is suitable for:Sit-ups,Aerobics,Outdoor fitness,Flat support,push ups,Yoga practice Etc. multiple fields.


    Production workshop real shot


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