Rubber interlock mat

Short Description:

Characteristics of our products: use of environmentally friendly materials, no irritating smell, the product is delicate and not rough, and the stars and colored dots are evenly distributed.

  • Test Items: Indexs
  • Density: 1100-1250kg/m3
  • Tensile strength: 2.34Mpa
  • Tear strength: 9.2Kn/m
  • Compression set: 22%
  • Shore A hardness: 60
  • Slip resistance: Wet pendulum-class X; Dry pendulum-class F
  • Temperature range: -25°C to 80°C
  • Product Detail

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            Rubber interlock mat seams are flat, easy to assemble, detachable, and arbitrarily matched.


    Product Parameter

    Product Parameter
    Test Items Indexs
    Density 1100-1250kg/m3
    Tensile strength 2.34Mpa
    Tear strength 9.2Kn/m
    Compression set 22%
    Shore A hardness 60
    Slip resistance Wet pendulum-class X
    Dry pendulum-class F
    Temperature range -25°C to 80°C


    Product Specifications
    Width: 0.9m-1.25m
    Length: 5m-20m
    Thickness: 2mm-12mm
    Custom Made: Receive customization


    Product Assembly Display

            product is suitable for: gym floor, fitness and leisure center, golf driving range, ice rink recreation area, playground, changing room, swimming pool shore, exhibition center, museum, library, school, pedestrian passage, office, home, Factories etc.




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