multifunctional sports training rod Feilishi rod wholesale

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Feilishi fitness bar is made of tpe rubber handles and fiberglass rods. It can be exercised, the deep trunk fascia, abdominal muscles and all shoulder muscles, including connective tissue, will be strengthened at the same time up to the deepest layer.

  • Product name: Feilishi rod
  • Durable: Optimum glass fiber, high-strength anti-breakage
  • Safe and comfort: Environmentally friendly and comfortable, rubber protective grip
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            Process of using the Feilishi bar to exercise, the bar body will produce a specific amplitude, which will drive the deep trunk muscles, abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles and the core muscles of the lower back to be in a tight state and continue to be stimulated by the amplitude. , Promote muscle growth and improve the metabolism of the whole body.

    Product Parameter

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     Product Parameter
    Product Name: Multifunctional sports training rod Feilishi rod wholesale
    Product Material: Craft rubber/glass fiber
    Product Color: Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Gold, Silver
    Weight: About 0.58kg
    Function: Accelerate the frequency of muscle vibration, improve upper body muscles
    For People: Fitness crowd at all stages

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