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Different textures are used on the front and back of the yoga mat, which can play a good anti-skid effect when doing yoga exercises and improve the safety of exercise. The product uses high-quality TPE as the raw material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and not easy to tear.

  • Product name: Posture line tpe yoga mat
  • HS Code: 9506919000
  • Products size: 183*61*0.6 (CM)
  • Product Weight: 1150g±100 (G)
  • Carton size: 52*40*65 (CM)
  • Box gauge: 0.139(m³)/ 14KG
  • Packing: 12 pieces/carton(Plastic film + carton)
  • Certificate: CE,EN71-1,2,3,ROHS,PACH,REACH,PROP 65
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    Product Parameter

    Product Parameter
    Name: Posture line TPE yoga mat
    Material TPE
    Thickness: 6 mm
    Weight:  About 1150 grams
    Product size:  183*61*0.6cm
    Carton size: 52*40*65 cm (12 pieces/box)
    Certification: Product has passed 6P test and SGS international certification

    Product Color

    Striped tube Pull rope-xq-2-1

            Whether it is the color, logo, or line, it can be customized.
            Free design of various posture lines and prints. Various colors, patterns and specifications can be quickly customized according to purchase requirements. Various embossing, silk screen, thermal printing, digital UV, laser printing and LOGO patterns can be printed on the mat.

    Detailed Description

    Position line tpe yoga mat size

    Regular size and expansion size of products.
            Regular size: 183*61*0.6 (CM)
            Another 183*80*0.6; 183*61*0.8 (CM) expansion size. If you need to customize the size, you can contact the account manager online Provide customized services.


    Double-sided texture, Play the best anti-skid performance.


    Abrasion and tear resistance


    Good rebound, latex touch



             Yoga mat is suitable for:Sit-ups,Aerobics,Outdoor fitness,Flat support,push ups,Yoga practice Etc. multiple fields.


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