B6-PLUS Home Bluetooth Multifunctional Folding Treadmill

Short Description:

B6- is a treadmill and also a massage machine. Multi-function version exclusive: preheating before running, relaxing after running, full body massage.treadmill has built-in Bluetooth function, hardware noise reduction, and HIFI fidelity chip to realize seamless connection between mobile phone and treadmill.

  • Product Name: B6 PLUS-Treadmill
  • Product model: B6-PBJ-DA-A006
  • Expanded size: 1535X660X1220MM
  • Packing size: 1610*765*290mm
  • Running area: 122* 42CM
  • Customization: Accept customization
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    Three grades of slope adjustment, aerobic exercise efficiency is higher.
            1、Improve fitness efficiency and save time.
            2、Increase exercise intensity.
            3、Meet different fitness needs.

    Product Parameters

    Technical Parameters
    Product number B6-PBJ-DA-A006 Rated power 750W
    Motor Power Peak 2.5HP Load-bearing limit 200 kg
    speed 1.0-12KM/H Folding method Hydraulic folding
    Running belt area 122 * 40cm Treadmill width 56cm super large treadmill
    Running area 122* 42CM Expand Size 1535X660X1220MM
    Damping system Synflyer shock absorption Package dimensions 1610*765 *290mm
    Net weight/Gross weight 42/48KG Custom made Accept customization

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    Product Image

    Hydraulic folding
    Convenient storage and small footprint
            With a light kick, the treadmill will automatically lower slowly to avoid hurting your legs and feet. With a gentle lift, the treadmill can be raised, saving floor space.

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    Move the scroll wheel
    Little girls can move easily
    Raise gently, retract the treadmill and move easily.

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    Luxury widened exclusive running belt
    Luxuriously widened treadmill is just for your peace of mind.
    Restore a comfortable and wide running feeling. Run boldly and comfortably.

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    58CM treadmill
    National standard safety 8cm non-slip pedal
            58cm extended big treadmill, Diamonds-3D running belt, enjoy a comfortable running posture, let you run freely.

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    42*122CM running area: Suitable for the whole family
            Length of the treadmill area determines the comfort and safety of running. The B6 uses a 1120mm extended running area, so that you and your family can run with confidence

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    Synflyer shock absorption
    Toughness foot protection running board
            Running board is made of high-tech special stamping high-density fiberboard, which has stronger toughness and helps to rebound, making running more labor-saving.

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    Self refueling · Easy maintenance
            Self-service refueling scientific maintenance, bid farewell to hand-in refueling, lengthen the oil guide tube, the oil is easy and even, covering the entire running board.

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