About Us

About Us

        Yancheng Tianzhihui Mat Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sale of sports goods. It has a professional production base for yoga series and other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company has its own factory and R&D team, focusing on yoga products for 15 years. The products have passed SGS, CE and other authoritative certifications. Integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.

        Company specializes in the production of various yoga mats, EVA assembled floor mats, taekwondo mats and high-end household fabrics, velvet floor mats and climbing mats. It is a supplier with a relatively complete product range in the floor mat industry in China. The products produced by the company have been sold well in domestic and foreign markets for more than ten years. With high-quality product quality, rich product types, and sincere professional services, it has won the trust and respect of domestic and foreign customers.


Tianzhihui Mat Branch
        China Tianhui Int Group Limited     Yancheng Yandu Dagang Tianhui Sports Goods Factory   Dongguan Dongcheng Tianhui Network Technology Studio

Company Qualification

        Yancheng Tianzhihui Mat Co., Ltd. main products are: professional suppliers of game mats, puzzle mats, yoga mats and yoga mat related products. We have 15 years of production history and rich experience in foreign trade sales.


Professional Production


        Our company has an excellent team, including product development, original design, graphic design, photography, operations, and customer service center.
        long-term development process, we have always been based on the study of Chinese (classical) culture and art, exploring Chinese styles and trends, extracting Tang cultural design elements from a professional perspective, and establishing contacts with various major manufacturers. With long-term close cooperation, we strictly control the production cycle and product quality, so that the cultural and creative products we design can flow into the market and integrate into our daily lives. In addition, we also welcome and have the ability to undertake the design of cultural and creative products in various international cultural categories. Whether you want to seek original design help or need to find design elements in cultural relics, we can serve you.
        future, we hope to develop more and better cultural and creative products, actively promote Chinese culture, and promote cultural exchanges and prosperity between China and foreign countries.

Why Choose Us

Quality assurance

        Domestic professional floor mat factory, self-produced and sold, with computerized constant temperature centrally controlled production equipment, new production technology and a number of technological innovations, product quality inspection procedures and returnable after-sales service, worry-free cooperation.

Fast delivery

        It has multiple production lines, experienced first-line skilled workers, strong production capacity, more than 800 square meters warehouse stocks are sufficient, conventional products can be dispatched at any time, customized products are produced quickly, professionally supplied, and purchases are assured.

Private custom

        Free proofing, customer satisfaction is our goal, perfection, flexible production capacity, can be customized production on demand, provide OEM, ODM customized processing, accept all kinds of large and small orders, we guarantee product quality at a high-quality price Bring the best choice to customers.The advantages are obvious.

Production Process


Mode of Transport

Delivery On Time,Professional And High Speed Logistic Service.
Ifferent Type Of Transportation For You Choice:car,ship,train,plane
Express for sample or urgently orders: UPS, FedEx, DHL Many famous express companies can cooperate.


Strict Packaging