A9 PLUS Indoor Fitness Equipment Bluetooth Speaker Multifunctional Treadmill

Short Description:

Configuration of treadmill is far superior to that of peers, and it is only for your health; the smart dedicated APP provides different running courses for people of different physiques. This is a treadmill that understands you.

  • Product name: TIANHUI-A9 PLUS Treadmill
  • Model NO.: A9-PBJ-DA-A009
  • HS Code: 9506911110
  • OEM: Stand by
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS, ISO
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    Quiet running does not disturb the rest of the neighborhood
            Reform and innovation of power components, advanced noise reduction technology, reduce the resonance of moving parts, make running smoother, lighter and 50-60dB of outstanding quietness, allowing you to exercise smoothly.

    Product parameter

    Technical Parameters
    product name. Upgrade the single function Upgraded multi-function
    Product Image    
    screen LCD screen LCD screen
    ipad stand Have Have
    Smart module Smart APP Smart APP
    Motor 2.5HP 2.5HP
    Running area 40X122cm 40X122cm
    speed 1-12.8KM/H 1-12.8KM/H
    damping Have Have
    Refueling mode Self refueling Self refueling
    Expand Size 125X141X65cm 125X141X65cm
    Rated voltage 220v 220v
    Carrying weight 120kg 120kg

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    Detailed Description

    Difference between multi-function and single-function

            Dear, the treadmill is a big product. It is recommended to choose the multi-function model in one step. There is no single function, the more functions, the more comprehensive and fuller the exercise

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    Running is no longer a lonely persistence

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    Provide different running courses for different people
    A treadmill that understands you

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    Details are comprehensive to make the mute more outstanding

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    Intelligent protection
    you are on the front line of safety and worry-free
    In case of special conditions, the running opportunity stops quickly to prevent fall loss


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    Simultaneous sports/recreation
    Comes with IPAD stand, listen to the opera and chase drama, enjoy both sports and entertainment
    (IPAD only belongs to props and does not include treadmills)

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    Pressure damping
    Shock absorption principle of running shoes is combined with the treadmill. Mature shock absorption technology, effective knee pads

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    Silica gel column + cushioning capsule = bear greater impact
    Distribute the silica gel column to the treadmill to reduce the impact on the feet and knees. When kicking off, the silica gel column rebounds to provide resistance

    One-click folding
    Girls can also fold easily. Specially designed for small apartment, easy to store and do not occupy any space.

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    Self refueling 
    New machine needs to be run-in. If there is slight noise, you can add treadmill silicone oil after a period of use. The use cycle is 2.3 months.

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